Pricing Paintings!!!


Dianne, over the past 25 years, developed a stylized realism along with a unique ability for composition that distinguishes her work. Dianne never stops painting for others or herself. This explains why many of her patrons commission multiple paintings or murals or both. Below is a simple graphic to help you determine the price for a commissioned painting.

Factors that affect the price include the medium, the surface, and the complexity of the piece.

•The medium speaks to the durability of the paint. Oil paintings can last for centuries. Acrylic painting will survive generations. Watercolor is most apt to be affected by time and exposure to light and the atmosphere.

•The surface affects the price in part for the cost to the artist, such as, linen costs more than canvas. However, other aspects of the surface come in when a patron may provide the surface, such as, a large mill saw, or a piece of furniture. These items may need to be prepared to be painted on or are more involved than painting on a flat smooth surface.

•The complexity involves the level of realism contained in the painting. Dianne paints with a stylized realism; she is neither an illustrator nor a photo realist.

Above in the graphic and below in chart form are some guidelines to determine what Dianne may charge for a commissioned work. Before the patron pays any money Dianne will meet and discuss the details of the commission. She will then provide a pen & ink sketch with a fixed price for the patrons approval. Upon offering the commission to Dianne, Dianne will collect one half (1/2) down as a deposit. The prices below are guidelines. As stated above, greater complexity, additional costs to Dianne, or increased difficulty due to the surface or other factors can increase the price. The reverse is true greater simplicity, providing a canvas, or other well prepared smooth surface will reduce the cost of the final proposal.


24" x 36"

18" x 24"

16” x 20”

11” x 14”

9” x 12”

Oil on







Acrylic on







Watercolor on

Watercolor Paper







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